Sheryl Underwood's 100 Pound Weight Loss Journey and Transformation

Sheryl Underwood Weight Loss Journey

Sheryl Underwood is a famous comedian, actress and television host, best known for being one of the hosts of the popular CBS daytime show, The Talk. Over the years, Sheryl struggled with her weight, eventually reaching 240 pounds on her 5'3" frame. In recent years, Sheryl decided to take control of her health and went on an amazing weight loss journey.

Through diet, exercise and sheer determination, Sheryl managed to lose an incredible 100 pounds, transforming both her body and her health. Her weight loss story is inspiring and shows that with hard work and dedication, it's never too late to make a positive change.

How Did Sheryl Underwood Lose 100 Pounds?

Sheryl's weight loss journey began around 2011, when she was at her heaviest weight of 240 pounds. Sheryl knew she needed to make drastic changes to reclaim her health. Here are the main things she did to lose 100 pounds:

Switched to a Vegetarian Diet

One of the biggest changes Sheryl made was switching to a vegetarian diet, cutting out all meat including beef, pork and chicken. She emphasized eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and plant-based proteins. This lower calorie, nutrient dense diet made it easier for Sheryl to lose weight.

Started Exercising Regularly

Along with changing her diet, Sheryl also started exercising regularly, working out about 5 days a week. Her exercise routine included a mix of cardio, strength training and high intensity interval training. Sheryl also started walking more throughout her day to increase her activity level.

Worked with a Personal Trainer

Working with a knowledgeable personal trainer helped Sheryl learn effective exercises and create a sustainable workout routine. Her trainer also kept her motivated and accountable on her journey.

Focused on Portion Control

Sheryl paid close attention to her portion sizes when eating, avoiding overeating. She cut back on large restaurant-style portions.

Calorie Counting

In addition to portion control, Sheryl also started counting her daily calories to ensure she was eating at a calorie deficit for weight loss.

Sheryl Underwood's Diet Plan

Sheryl completely transformed her diet in order to lose weight. Here are the main characteristics of her diet:

  • No red meat, pork or chicken - Sheryl follows a vegetarian diet, avoiding all meat.

  • Emphasis on fruits, vegetables and whole grains - Sheryl's diet is rich in produce, high fiber whole grains, beans, lentils.

  • Non-dairy milk - Sheryl switched from cow's milk to unsweetened almond milk.

  • Limited sugar - Sheryl avoids sugary drinks, desserts, candies and limits added sugars.

  • Small frequent meals - Eating smaller meals more frequently keeps Sheryl full and prevents overeating.

  • Portion control - Sheryl is mindful of her portion sizes at all meals and snacks.

  • Calorie deficit - Sheryl aims for a 500-1000 daily calorie deficit to lose weight.

Sheryl Underwood's Exercise Routine

Along with overhauling her diet, Sheryl also started working out regularly to lose the pounds. Here are the components of her workout routine:

  • Cardio - Sheryl does cardio 5-6 days a week including running, swimming, biking, elliptical. This burns calories and fat.

  • Strength Training - 2-3 days a week Sheryl does strength training with weights to build muscle and boost metabolism.

  • High Intensity Interval Training - Sheryl incorporates HIIT into her routine including sprints, tabata and plyometrics to burn fat.

  • Working with Trainer - Sheryl's personal trainer keeps her workouts challenging and effective.

  • Increased Daily Movement - Sheryl walks more throughout her day to increase her overall activity level.

How Much Weight Has Sheryl Underwood Lost?

At her heaviest, Sheryl weighed about 240 pounds and was wearing size 16-18 clothes. After starting her weight loss journey around 2011, Sheryl lost an incredible 100 pounds over several years.

Now at around 140 pounds, she is around a size 4/6. That's a huge difference of 4-6 clothing sizes from her starting weight. Sheryl looks noticeably slimmer and more fit.

How Does Sheryl Underwood Look After Losing 100 Pounds?

The difference in Sheryl Underwood's appearance after losing 100 pounds is striking. Here's how she looks now:

  • Slimmer figure - Sheryl went from being obese to a healthy weight after her drastic weight loss.

  • Lost body fat - By losing 100 pounds, Sheryl lost a significant amount of body fat all over.

  • More toned - Adding strength training to her routine helped Sheryl build more lean muscle and look more toned.

  • Healthier skin and hair - Eating healthier foods improved Sheryl's complexion and hair.

  • More energy - Being lighter and fitter boosted Sheryl's energy levels.

  • Younger appearance - Dropping 100 pounds seemed to take years off Sheryl's appearance.

How Did Sheryl Underwood Maintain Her 100 Pound Weight Loss?

Losing weight is one thing, but keeping it off long-term is a whole other challenge. Here are the keys to how Sheryl Underwood has maintained her 100 pound weight loss:

  • Sticking to her healthy vegetarian diet and exercise routine as a lifestyle

  • Continuing to work with her personal trainer for accountability

  • Making permanent changes rather than quick fixes or fad diets

  • Practicing mindful eating and portion control at her meals

  • Having a positive, disciplined mindset and consistency

  • Finding new hobbies she enjoys like tennis to stay active

  • Monitoring her weight to avoid regaining pounds

Frequently Asked Questions about Sheryl Underwood Weight Loss

How long did it take Sheryl Underwood to lose 100 pounds?

It's estimated that it took Sheryl 2-3 years to lose the full 100 pounds, indicating it was about a 1-2 pound per week rate of loss. This gradual pace helped her lose weight safely and sustainably.

What was Sheryl's diet before losing weight?

Before her weight loss, Sheryl ate a standard American diet high in red meat, fatty foods, sugars and refined grains. She often ate large restaurant-style portions. Her unhealthy eating habits caused her to gain weight over the years.

Does Sheryl Underwood count calories?

Yes, Sheryl does count her daily calories eaten using various calorie counting apps. This helps her stay in a calorie deficit for ongoing weight management.

What exercises does Sheryl Underwood do?

Sheryl does a mix of cardio, strength training, HIIT and also increased her daily activity with more walking. Working with a trainer gave her an effective routine.

Did Sheryl have weight loss surgery?

No, Sheryl Underwood lost all 100 pounds through traditional diet and exercise, without undergoing weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass. Her hard work led to her results.

How did Sheryl stay motivated during her weight loss?

Sheryl stayed motivated by setting mini goals, tracking her progress through photos, finding accountability in her trainer and focusing on how much better she felt living a healthier lifestyle.


Sheryl Underwood's incredible 100 pound weight loss transformation is a testament to her hard work and dedication. By making drastic yet sustainable changes to her eating habits and activity levels, Sheryl succeeded in taking back her health and keeping the weight off.

She serves as an inspiring example to others struggling with obesity that it is possible to create a healthier you, no matter your starting point. With discipline and commitment to long-term lifestyle changes, anyone can achieve their weight loss goals just like Sheryl Underwood did. Her story is proof that it's never too late to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Here is a quick recap of Sheryl Underwood's weight loss:

  • Weighed 240 pounds at her heaviest
  • Lost 100 pounds through diet and exercise
  • Now weighs around 140 pounds
  • Went from size 16-18 down to size 4/6
  • Switched to vegetarian diet
  • Started exercising 5 days a week
  • Worked with personal trainer
  • Stuck to lifestyle changes to maintain weight loss.