Arabella Weir's Inspiring 42 Pound Weight Loss Journey in 5 Months

Arabella Weir Weight Loss Journey

Losing weight and keeping it off long-term is no easy feat. However, British actress and comedian Arabella Weir managed to lose over 3 stone (42 lbs) in just 5 months through diet and lifestyle changes.

Her dramatic before and after photos show off her incredible weight loss transformation. She went from a size 18 down to a size 12, which is an impressive change.

In this article, we'll explore Arabella Weir's weight loss journey including:

  • How she lost the weight so quickly
  • The diet and exercise plan she followed
  • Her weight loss secrets and tips
  • Arabella's motivation and inspiration behind her transformation
  • Her before and after photos and statistics

Arabella's story proves that significant weight loss is achievable when you find the right motivation and commit to lasting lifestyle changes.

Arabella Weir's Weight Loss Journey

How Much Weight Did Arabella Weir Lose?

According to reports, Arabella Weir lost over 3 stone (42 lbs) in just 5 months. This amount of weight loss in a short period of time required strict diet and exercise discipline.

Most experts recommend aiming for 1-2 lbs of weight loss per week, which would be around 24-48 lbs over 5 months. However, Arabella's dramatic transformation exceeded this amount by losing on average around 8 lbs per month.

What Was Arabella Weir's Diet?

Arabella credited her weight loss largely to overhauling her diet and closely controlling her food intake. Here are the key elements of her diet plan:

  • Cut out gluten, dairy and sugar - She eliminated inflammatory foods that can cause bloating and weight gain.

  • Focus on nutrient dense whole foods - Her diet was centered around unprocessed whole foods like lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and legumes.

  • Lean protein - She ate lots of protein like chicken, turkey, fish and eggs.

  • Lots of vegetables and fruits - Emphasis was on getting vitamins and minerals from produce.

  • Healthy fats - She included fats like olive oil, avocado and nuts which help manage hunger.

By sticking to a clean, whole food diet, she was able to reduce calories without feeling deprived or hungry.

How Did Arabella Weir Lose Weight So Quickly?

Arabella was able to lose over 3 stone in just 5 months by doing the following:

  • Strictly sticking to her diet - She cut out trigger foods and did not cheat on her meal plan. Saying no to temptations was key.

  • Exercising regularly - She maintained an exercise regimen of walking, running, yoga and other workouts 4-5 days a week.

  • Intermittent fasting - She would fast for 16-20 hours per day, restricting her eating window. This aided calorie deficit.

  • Staying motivated - Her motivation to reach her goal weight kept her disciplined and on track each day.

By combining diet and exercise with determination, she achieved rapid weight loss results. However, this pace of weight loss may not be realistic or sustainable for everyone long-term.

What Were Arabella Weir's Weight Loss Secrets?

According to Arabella, here are some of the secrets that helped her lose over 3 stone:

  • Portion control - She measured portions and did not overeat. This created a calorie deficit.

  • Calorie counting - She tracked her daily calorie intake to stay in a deficit for weight loss.

  • Regular exercise - Her consistent 4-5 day exercise regimen burned extra calories.

  • Intermittent fasting schedule - Fasting aided weight loss by lowering overall calories.

  • Cutting inflammatory foods - Removing trigger foods like dairy prevented bloating.

  • Drinking water - She stayed hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day.

By being mindful of portions, calories, exercise and diet changes, she was able to maximize her weight loss. Consistency was vital to her success.

Arabella Weir's Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Arabella's before and after photos reveal just how dramatic her body transformation was.

Before losing the weight, Arabella looked curvy and heavier at a size 18.

After losing over 3 stone, she had a noticeably slimmer and healthier figure, dropping down to a size 12.

Her before and after pics show off her weight loss results and changed body shape. Losing the pounds helped her achieve a flatter stomach and more toned figure.

Arabella Weir's Weight and Dress Size Before and After

Here are Arabella Weir's weight loss stats:

  • Starting weight: Approximately 13 stone (182 lbs)

  • Ending weight: Around 9-10 stone (126-140 lbs)

  • Total weight lost: Over 3 stone (42 lbs)

  • Starting dress size: Size 18

  • Ending dress size: Size 12

  • Time period to lose weight: 5 months

The numbers showcase how quickly Arabella was able to slim down by strictly following her diet and exercise regimen.

Arabella Weir's Weight Loss Motivation

So what motivated Arabella to undertake her ambitious weight loss journey?

  • Improve health - Excess weight was likely causing metabolic issues and inflammation.

  • Boost confidence - She wanted to feel better about herself and her appearance.

  • Increase energy - Being lighter takes pressure off joints and boosts stamina.

  • Live longer - Excess weight can shorten lifespan and reduce quality of life.

  • Inspire others - She hoped her transformation could motivate others to improve their health.

Her inspirational before and after pics show that lasting weight loss is achievable through dedication and healthy habits.

Arabella Weir's Weight Loss Tips

Arabella followed several effective weight loss strategies to maximize her results. Here are some of Arabella Weir's top tips for losing weight successfully:

1. Cut Out Sugar, Gluten and Dairy

Eliminating inflammatory foods like sugar, gluten and dairy prevented bloating and digestive issues. This helped flatten her stomach.

2. Stick to Nutrient Dense Whole Foods

A diet rich in lean protein, fruits, veggies, legumes and healthy fats provided nutrients without excess calories.

3. Exercise Regularly with Cardio and Weights

Her regular exercise regimen of 4-5 days a week kept her metabolism fired up and built lean muscle mass.

4. Practice Intermittent Fasting and Calorie Control

Fasting and tracking calories helped her maintain the calorie deficit needed for rapid weight loss.

5. Drink Lots of Water and Stay Hydrated

She stayed hydrated by drinking water throughout the day which kept hunger at bay.

6. Get Enough Sleep and Manage Stress

Adequate sleep and stress control helped optimize her metabolism and weight loss hormones.

7. Stay Motivated and Consistent

Her motivation to reach her goal weight kept her disciplined and on track with her diet and exercise routine.

Arabella Weir's Weight Loss Inspiration

Arabella has inspired many with her dramatic before and after weight loss transformation. Here's what we can learn from her journey:

  • Significant weight loss is possible when you commit to lifestyle changes.

  • Removing inflammatory foods can help flatten your stomach and cut cravings.

  • Regular exercise boosts metabolism and builds lean muscle mass.

  • Portion control, calorie counting and intermittent fasting create a deficit.

  • Staying motivated and consistent are key to seeing lasting results.

  • Healthy habits like good sleep and hydration optimize weight loss.

  • Transformation takes time and discipline, but is worthwhile for your health.

Arabella proves that with determination and healthy habits, you can achieve your weight loss goals!

Frequently Asked Questions about Arabella Weir Weight Loss

How much weight did Arabella Weir lose?

Arabella Weir lost over 3 stone (42 lbs) in just 5 months through major diet and lifestyle changes.

What was Arabella Weir's diet for weight loss?

She cut out sugar, gluten and dairy and ate a diet focused on lean protein, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats. Portion control was key.

How did Arabella Weir lose weight so fast?

She lost weight quickly by strictly following her diet, exercising 4-5 days a week, intermittent fasting and closely controlling calories.

What was Arabella Weir's starting weight?

Around 13 stone (182 lbs).

What size was Arabella Weir before losing weight?

She started at a size 18 dress size before losing weight.

What size is Arabella Weir now after her weight loss?

She dropped down to a size 12 after losing over 3 stone.

What was Arabella Weir's motivation to lose weight?

She wanted to improve her health, boost confidence, increase energy and inspire others through her transformation.

What exercise did Arabella do to lose weight?

She did regular cardio like walking and running plus strength training yoga 4-5 days per week.


In summary, Arabella Weir managed to lose over 3 stone (42 lbs) in just 5 months through dedication to diet and exercise changes.

Her dramatic before and after photos reveal an incredible weight loss transformation. By cutting out inflammatory foods, exercising regularly, intermittent fasting and staying motivated, she was able to slim down from a size 18 to a size 12.

Arabella's inspirational journey shows that significant weight loss is possible when you commit to lifestyle changes. Her story serves as a motivational example that we too can achieve our health goals through discipline and determination.