Kevin Gates Dramatic 100+ Pound Weight Loss Success Story

Kevin Gates Weight Loss Journey

Kevin Gates, the Louisiana rapper known for hits like "2 Phones" and "Really Really", has undergone a dramatic weight loss transformation over the past few years.

Gates struggled with his weight for much of his career. At his heaviest, he tipped the scales at over 300 pounds. However, through hard work and dedication to improving his diet and fitness regimen, Gates has managed to lose over 100 pounds.

His weight loss success serves as an inspiration for many people struggling with obesity. Gates proves that with the right mindset and commitment, substantial weight loss is possible even with a busy lifestyle.

Kevin Gates' Motivation For Losing Weight

There were several factors that motivated Gates to finally tackle his obesity head-on. As his music career took off, Gates found himself dealing with the pressures of fame and touring.

The demanding schedule of a rapper coupled with unhealthy eating habits led to his excessive weight gain. Gates also suffered from depression and needed prescription medication to treat it.

Ultimately, Gates decided to take control of his health in order to be a better father and role model for his children. He wanted to live a longer, healthier life watching his kids grow up.

Getting in shape also allowed Gates to have more energy and stamina for touring and performing. Overall, Gates made his health a priority so that he could thrive in his personal and professional life.

The Power of Diet and Exercise

Gates took a two-pronged approach to weight loss, emphasizing both diet and exercise. He knew that a sustainable lifestyle change would require commitment to improving his eating habits and fitness levels.

Gates worked with personal trainers to learn effective workout routines he could stick with long-term. He also educated himself on nutrition and which foods would best support his weight loss goals.

By combining a consistent exercise plan with a healthier, balanced diet, Gates successfully shed the pounds. His transformation required dedication through ups and downs, but the results speak for themselves.

How Kevin Gates Changed His Diet for Weight Loss

Changing his dietary habits was crucial for Kevin Gates' weight loss success. Here is an overview of how Gates revamped his nutrition:

Consuming One Meal Per Day

One of the biggest changes Gates made was switching to just one meal a day. After years of overeating and making poor food choices, eating only once per day helped him slash calories and lose weight fast.

Gates would eat his sole daily meal late in the evening after he finished his workouts. Eating one meal a day takes getting used to, but it simplifies nutrition and removes opportunities for snacking and binging.

Focusing on Steak and Vegetables

For his one daily meal, Gates would eat foods like steak or fish paired with vegetables and potatoes. By building his meal around lean protein and vegetables, Gates felt satisfied eating fewer calories.

Compared to processed carbs and sugary foods, steak and vegetables provided nutrients and kept Gates feeling full. Choosing these whole foods was instrumental in helping him cut calories without feeling deprived.

Cutting Out Sugary Drinks

Another tenet of Gates' diet was eliminating sugary sodas and juices. These sugary beverages pack in empty calories and sugar that undermine weight loss.

Gates swapped them for healthier options like water and unsweetened iced tea. Skipping sugary drinks removed what are often stealthy calories in many people's diets.

Avoiding Processed and Packaged Foods

As part of his nutritional overhaul, Gates avoided convenience and packaged foods. Things like chips, cookies, frozen meals, and fast food were once dietary staples for Gates.

But these processed foods are high in calories, fat, sodium, and sugar - all dietary red flags. By cooking more meals at home focused on whole foods, Gates took control of his nutrition.

Allowing Occasional Cheat Meals

While disciplined most of the time, Gates still allowed himself occasional cheat meals. He knew occasional indulgences were key for sanity and sustainability when losing weight.

By building in this flexibility, Gates could enjoy foods like pizza, wings, or burgers in moderation without sabotaging his program. Still, these treats were the exception, not the rule in Gates' healthy diet.

Kevin Gates' Exercise Routine and Fitness Regimen

Equally important to diet was Gates' rigorous exercise program for getting in shape. He adopted a variety of workout techniques to build full-body fitness:

Calisthenics and Bodyweight Training

A big part of Gates' program is calisthenics - training using bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, and lunges instead of machines and weights. Calisthenics builds strength while allowing Gates to workout anywhere.

Gates knocked out sets of push-ups between studio sessions or while on break from tours. Bodyweight training provided an accessible yet challenging workout method.

Daily Ab Workouts

In addition to full-body calisthenics, Gates did abdominal training daily. Strong abs and core strength are important for health and physique.

Gates often performs planks, crunches, and hanging leg raises to constantly work his midsection. These abdominal workouts improved his posture and core stability as he lost weight.

Lifting Weights and Strength Training

While on the road, Gates would hit the hotel gym regularly to lift weights. He focused on fundamental strength training exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.

Full-body strength workouts aided Gates' weight loss by building metabolism-boosting muscle mass. The weights also improved Gates' power and athleticism.

Hiking and Outdoor Workouts

To mix up his routine, Gates frequently went hiking to raise his heart rate and burn extra calories. He enjoyed experiencing nature while challenging his cardiovascular endurance.

Hiking allowed Gates to take his workouts out of the gym and into exciting outdoor settings. The inclines also strengthened his legs and core.

Practicing Yoga

Complementing his rigorous fitness regimen, Gates also embraces yoga and its emphasis on flexibility, balance, and mindfulness.

Yoga provided stress relief from touring and acted as recovery for Gates' body following intense workouts. The increased flexibility boosted his athletic performance and mobility.

Waking Up Early to Exercise

Gates prioritizes fitness by waking up early to work out first thing in the morning. This focus instilled discipline and ensured Gates exercises regularly, even if he has a busy day ahead.

His morning training sessions set the tone for days filled with healthy choices. Gates also squeezes in workouts whenever he can - before bed or even during breaks at the recording studio.

How Kevin Gates Stayed Motivated to Lose so Much Weight

Losing 100+ pounds requires tremendous motivation. Here are the key factors that drove Gates to stick with his ambitious weight loss program:

Wanting Better Health and More Energy

Like many trying to lose weight, a big motivator for Gates was wanting to improve his health. Obesity put him at risk for myriad issues - heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and certain cancers.

Shedding over 100 pounds alleviated these health risks. Gates knew he would feel much better and have more energy at a healthy weight. This gave him the drive to persevere.

Setting a Positive Example

Another source of motivation was Gates wanting to inspire his kids and fans to make healthy lifestyle changes themselves.

By documenting his weight loss journey on social media, he set a positive example for everyone following his transformation. Gates wanted to motivate others in the battle against obesity.

Boosting Confidence and Body Image

As Gates lost weight and saw his body change, he became more confident and comfortable in his own skin. The improved self-image kept him striving towards his fitness goals.

Gates also mentioned that looking good was a plus of improved health, even if it was not the primary reason for his transformation.

Proving Weight Loss is Possible

Finally, Gates wanted to prove substantial weight loss is achievable even with professional and personal demands.

Seeing his own results kept Gates motivated on days when staying disciplined was difficult. His success shows that others can do the same with dedication and patience.


How much weight did Kevin Gates lose?

Kevin Gates lost over 100 pounds, dropping from over 300 pounds down to around 200 pounds. His weight loss transformation took several years of commitment to diet and exercise changes.

How did Kevin Gates lose so much weight?

Gates lost weight by combining a healthier diet with plenty of exercise. He cut out processed foods, sugar-sweetened beverages, and junk food. Gates started eating one meal a day focused on lean proteins like fish and steak plus vegetables. He also began a workout regimen including strength training, cardio, yoga, and calisthenics.

What was Kevin Gates’ diet for weight loss?

Gates ate one meal late in the day, focusing on foods like grilled salmon or steak with vegetables and sweet potatoes. He cut out sugary sodas, juices, chips, cookies, and other junk. Though he remained disciplined most of the time, Gates allowed occasional cheat meals.

What was Kevin Gates’ workout routine?

Gates did calisthenics like push-ups and pull-ups for strength. He also lifted weights, went hiking, and performed ab workouts. Gates made exercise a priority by waking up early to workout and staying active throughout his day.

How did Kevin Gates stay motivated to lose weight?

Gates stayed motivated by wanting to be healthier and have more energy. He also wanted to inspire his kids and fans to make lifestyle changes. Improving his confidence and body image kept Gates dedicated during the process.

How long did it take Kevin Gates to lose the weight?

Gates' weight loss journey took several years of steady progress. With major diet and fitness changes, he lost over 100 pounds over time. Gates had to remain motivated on days when it was difficult to stick to his regimen.

Has Kevin Gates kept the weight off?

Yes, Gates has managed to keep the weight off after his initial weight loss transformation. However, he continues to make fitness and healthy eating lifelong priorities. Gates knows maintaining his results requires constant diligence.

What can we learn from Kevin Gates’ weight loss?

Gates shows that losing a significant amount of weight is possible but requires dedication. His results demonstrate the power of eating whole, unprocessed foods and exercising consistently. Gates also emphasizes fitness is an ongoing journey and that staying motivated is key.


Kevin Gates' dramatic body transformation stands as a remarkable testament showing that significant weight loss is possible. With grit and determination, Gates overcame obesity by dramatically improving his eating and exercise habits.

His journey also highlights the importance of lifestyle changes over fad diets or quick fixes. Lasting weight loss requires a commitment to better nutrition and regular physical activity. Gates proved that if he can implement these changes, anyone striving for weight loss can.

While shedding over 100 pounds, Gates showed how body transformations go beyond the physical. He became a role model, setting a powerful example for his fans and family. His weight loss motivated and empowered people fighting their own health battles.

Gates also exemplified that true fitness is a journey, not a destination. Maintaining his substantial weight loss and healthy lifestyle remains an ongoing process. But by making his wellness a priority, Gates took control of his life and future.

Kevin Gates' weight loss stands as an inspirational blueprint for people everywhere working diligently to become their healthiest selves, both physically and mentally. His transformation demonstrates that dreams and goals absolutely can become reality with relentless effort and commitment.