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Ben Napier Weight Loss Journey

Ben Napier Weight Loss Journey

Ben Napier is a woodworker, television personality, and author. He is best known for his role on the HGTV show Home Town, which he co-hosts with his wife, Erin. Ben has been open about his weight loss journey, which he began in 2018. He has since lost over 55 pounds and has inspired many others to make healthy changes in their own lives.

Background on Ben Napier's Weight Struggles

Ben Napier has always been a big guy. He was a star athlete in high school and college, and he played football at Mississippi College. After college, Ben worked as a youth minister, and he often found himself eating unhealthy foods at church functions. He also started to gain weight after he got married and had children.

By 2018, Ben was at his heaviest weight. He was 335 pounds and had high blood pressure. He knew that he needed to make a change, but he didn't know where to start.

The Turning Point

The turning point for Ben came when he and Erin were expecting their first child. Ben realized that he wanted to be healthy for his daughter, and he didn't want to pass on his unhealthy habits to her. He decided that it was time to make a change.

Ben Napier's Weight Loss Journey

Ben's weight loss journey began with a few simple changes to his diet. He started eating more fruits and vegetables, and he cut out processed foods. He also started exercising regularly.

At first, it was difficult for Ben to stick to his new habits. He would often get discouraged and give up. However, he eventually found a routine that worked for him, and he started to see results.

After a year, Ben had lost over 55 pounds. He was feeling better than ever, and he had more energy. He was also able to lower his blood pressure and reduce his risk of developing chronic diseases.

Results and Impact

Ben's weight loss journey has had a positive impact on his life in many ways. He is healthier, happier, and more energetic. He is also able to be more active with his family and friends.

Ben's weight loss journey has also inspired others to make healthy changes in their own lives. He has received messages from people all over the world who have been inspired by his story.

Lessons Learned and Advice

Ben Napier has learned a lot from his weight loss journey. He has learned that it is important to be patient and consistent. He has also learned that it is important to find a support system and to be kind to himself.

Ben's advice for others who are struggling with weight loss is to start small and to make gradual changes. He also recommends finding a support system and to be patient with yourself.


Ben Napier's weight loss journey is an inspiration to many people. He has shown that it is possible to make healthy changes and to improve your life. If you are struggling with weight loss, Ben's story can give you hope.